AVAILABLE PACKAGES: We DO NOT charge extra for tepee, games, bar cart,

or Bluetooth speaker. Everything listed below is included.


All Picnics include-styled table arrangement and decor around picnic


*Each picnic last 2 hours (additional time can be added)

What is included:

  • Blankets, Pillows, Rugs

  • Custom-made Mini Picnic Table

  • Mini Flower Silk Arrangement/Pampas grass

  • Dinnerware, cutlery, and napkins

  • Champagne Glasses (let us know if needed) 

  • Still, or Sparkling Water, or Rose Sparkling                        lemonade  (please chose)

  • Customized Letter Board                                                     

  • Boho lace tent

  • Hand Sanitizer & bug spray

  • Games (Jenga, Connect 4, Cards, etc)

  • Small speaker for music

  • Gold Bar Cart

  • Gold Champagne Bucket

  • additional decor around picnic (see our gallery for photos)

Available in All color themes below


Current Add on options

  • charcuterie board (see our add on tabs)

  • cupcake wheel ($25 holds 6 assorted cupcakes)

  • Donut wall ($25 holds 9 assorted donuts)

  • Additional hour $50 

  • Painting Experience/Beer tasting 

  • Business and Pleasure Cabana  or custom canopy $50

  • Fresh flowers


Our Pricing


2 Guest  $175
3 Guest  $215
4 Guest  $225
5 guest  $265
6 guest  $295
7 Guest  $335
8 guest  $375
9 Guest  $415
10 Guest $450
11 guest  $490
12 Guest $530
13 guest $580
14 guest $620
15 guest $660
16 guest $700
17 guest $740
18 guest $780
19 guest $830
20 guest $850

*for parties over 20 email us for a quote



Boho Turquoise/ Teal Theme

Boho Turquoise and Teal Theme

 with  Gold, and  Whites- This picnic is available for 2-10  people.


Boho Navy Blue Theme

Navy Blue Theme -Navy Blue, golds, and neutrals.  This theme is available for 2-10 people.


Christmas Boho Light Pink Theme

Pink Christmas- Boho Pink Theme Light Pink, Gold, and  Whites- Pink Christmas Decor. Perfect for a pink princess. This picnic is available for 2-20 people. (ONLY AVAILABLE IN DECEMBER)

Hot Pink Boho- Bold Pinks

Boho Hot Pink Theme

Boho hot pink Theme - Boho theme with Hot Pink  accents. This picnic is available for 2-12 people.


Boho Light Pink Theme

Boho Pink Theme Light Pink, Gold, and  Whites- This picnic is available for 2-22 people.


Boho Neutral Theme  

Boho Neutral theme - Cream colors, gold, and white. This theme is available for 2-6 people.


Christmas green

Christmas green, gold and white. This picnic is  magical. Available for 2-6 guest. (ONLY AVAILABLE IN DECEMBER)


Halloween Theme

Goth Halloween theme available now This picnic is available for 2-4 people. Black white boho picnic with pops of color. See Gallery photos (ONLY AVAILABLE IN OCTOBER)


Boho Terracotta Theme

Boho Warm colors: Oranges and gold. This picnic is available for 2-8 people.


Candy Cane Christmas

Red, white and green- a more traditional Christmas package which includes a mini nutcracker and Santa at your picnic. Available for 10 guest.  (ONLY AVAILABLE IN DECEMBER)


Boho Blue Theme

Boho Blue Theme - Boho theme with blue accents. This theme is available for 2-8 people.